KIR Foundation provides learning experiences for personal development in the form of skills/knowledge training and the opportunities to practice what has been learned. We offer a broad vocational curriculum that equips our beneficiaries especially those with disabilities, with the necessary skills for wealth creation and self-reliance.


Skills For Life

Using our leadership and entrepreneurship modules we conduct training's on leadership, entrepreneurship and life skills. We use this opportunity to provide mentoring and coaching for our target beneficiaries. Our objective is to help build a strong spirit of resilience, self-esteem, a positive sense of identity, leadership and entrepreneurship qualities.

Vocational Training

We encourage our beneficiaries especially persons living with disabilities to discover their talents and skills. Therefore, with these skills, they are empowered to build a vision for the future. They are then in a position to explore new opportunities, career and educational aspirations. KIR Foundation has executed Vocational Skills Training Project at the Special School for Handicapped Children in Creek Road, Port Harcourt in Rivers State Nigeria over three years. The first training duration was nine months from March 2013 to December 2013. The students learnt 13 different skills and the finished products were exhibited at the opening of KIR Foundation Inclusive Resource and Rehabilitation Community Centre. The Vocational Skills Training project has now become an annual project that runs every quarter during the course of the year.

Youth Employability Initiative (YEI)

The Nigerian Labour Congress has estimated that over 20 million Nigerians youths are unemployed. This is now a threat to socio-economic peace and stability. A major factor is the poor quality of education in Nigeria which has led to the increase in graduates who lack good employability skills. Employers complain that even where vacancies exist, the trainee graduates do not possess the skills to execute the jobs. KIR Foundation decided to bridge this gap by working with Youth Corp members and partner organizations by running a Graduate Employability Initiative. The training has modules on; Expectations of the employers, how to write a good resume, preparing for interviews and a practical mock interview with seasoned Human Resource Professionals from the corporate sector.

KIR Foundation Inclusive Resource and Rehabilitation Community Centre

KIR Foundation constantly looks for opportunities to promote the right to inclusion of the disability community in all developmental issues because they are the 'poorest of the poor' in society and have fewer opportunities than other marginalized groups. Our belief is that no one should be left behind in self-development. That is why as an organization we embrace initiatives that promote the rights of persons with disabilities. Our Centre consists of an inclusive vocational workshop for our target beneficiaries, a creative ability unit for persons with disabilities that will rehabilitate and provide recreation for the beneficiaries, a Resource Centre/ Library, a training room and administrative offices. The mission of the Centre is to rehabilitate, and to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in developmental issues and projects and to provide them access to educational resources. And also to develop collaborative and on-going relationships with self-advocates with disabilities, as well as all stakeholders including but not limited to government, nongovernmental, faith based and corporate organizations, educational institutions and agencies to initiate sustainable systems and change around inclusion. In order to accomplish this mission, the Inclusive Community Centre is dedicated to:

  • Providing a range of programs on ICT, entrepreneurship, leadership and vocational training that enables persons with disabilities have the opportunity to interact with people without disabilities to gain self-confidence and share skills.
  • Creating an enabling environment for persons with disabilities to get rehabilitated, recreate and interact away from the discrimination that permeates the Nigerian society.