We bridge the educational gaps in the knowledge age by donating books, establishing book clubs and organizing afterschool academic activities. Our project activities under EQUIP are catalysts for transformational change.


Book Drive

KIR Foundation promotes literacy and education by donating books to orphanages, care homes, public schools, other youth centres, book clubs, in and out of school youths and prison inmates. We put books in the hands of those who are eager to learn, but do not have the means to buy or have access to books. We have raised the standard of education in giving the gift of learning to our beneficiaries. So far, we have donated about fourteen thousand, two hundred and forty-two (14, 242) books.

After School Academic Initiative

Through our examination preparatory classes; we assist students to prepare for national certification examinations. We engage teachers and volunteers to give the students extra lessons in core subjects such as Mathematics and English. KIR Foundation runs a robust curriculum on values education/leadership, career guidance and counselling and mentorship.

Play and Learn

We use arts and crafts to bring learning through fun and affection to orphans and vulnerable children, especially in orphanages, care homes and clubs. This project has been running at the Red Cross Orphanage in Makoko, Yaba, Lagos since 2011. We also pay health insurance for our orphans and vulnerable children; giving them scholarships so they could attend school. We have also worked with the following; Juvenile Welfare Centre at Mushin, Lagos on the platform of Fair Life Africa in collaboration with other Foundations, LOTS Charity Foundation at Ajegunle, Lagos, Street Child Welfare Initiative, Alagomeji, Lagos, JAKINS NGO, Lagos, Lagos Book And Arts Festival, Dbenevolent Care Organization, David Bassey Homes, Port Harcourt Juvenile Home and Association Bademia in Port Harcourt on specific projects. From 2011 till date we taught and read to one thousand, six hundred and sixty-eight (1, 668) children.

Thank God Its Inspiration Friday (TGIIF) Youth Hub

KIR Foundation organizes the TGIIF Youth hub every Friday, with special sessions once a month. The purpose for TGIIF is to engage in and out of school youth on various topics with the objective of raising innovative leaders committed to lifelong learning to transform their communities. During TGIIF, the participants are inspired through video presentations and interactive sessions with mentors to think analytically and provide simple answers to life’s complicated questions. KIR Foundation also incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals into the TGIIF schedule. KIR Foundation has mentored and counselled sixteen thousand, seven hundred and fifty-three (16, 753) youth till date.

The Global Goals – The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The UN led an Open Working Group (OWG), composed of States’ representatives, which met 13 times over the last year. The group discussed the most pressing issues facing people around the world and the factors preventing the improvement of life. The Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) was the outcome of those meetings. The Sustainable Development Goals are seventeen (17) in number made up of new, universal set of goals with targets and indicators that UN member states will be expected to use to frame their agendas and political policies for implementation by the end of the year 2030 KIR Foundation initiated a month long Awareness Campaign on the Sustainable Development Global Goals. The online campaign @kirfoundation with the hashtag #LeaveNo1Behind was also on our Facebook page. On Friday, the 11th of December 2015, the KIR Foundation ‘Thank God Its Inspiration Friday’ (TGIIF) Youth Hub had an Awareness Campaign Walk to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) by giving out promotional materials in form of stickers with the 17 Global Goals on it. Also, the TGIIF youth talked to individuals on the streets about the global goals and how each of us would ensure that goals are implemented in the course our daily activities. The KIR Foundation Youth hub will play a major role in advocacy amongst in and out of school youth with and without disabilities.

Inclusive Young Leadership Academy (YLA)

KIR Foundation organizes the Inclusive Young Leadership Academy for the prefects of Special, Private and Public Senior Secondary Schools in Rivers State in Nigeria. We also run a month long online social advocacy campaign leading up to YLA in order to promote the theme of the Global Campaign for Education. The Inclusive Young Leadership Academy is to build the leadership capacity of newly elected prefects in the secondary schools.