Are You a Woman Running a Local Business in Nigeria? Apply for MTN Y’ellopreneur Initiative

MTN Y’ellopreneur Initiative

This Women’s Month, acknowledge your remarkable drive and take your local business in Nigeria to new heights with the MTN Y’ellopreneur Initiative.

What is the MTN Y’ellopreneur Initiative?

The MTN Y’ellopreneur Initiative is a collaborative effort between MTN Nigeria and the Bank of Industry (BOI). Its mission is to empower female entrepreneurs nationwide by providing them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and financial support to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Key Features of the Initiative

Capacity Building

The journey begins with knowledge. Participants in the Y’ellopreneur Initiative will undergo rigorous training in business management and development fundamentals. These sessions will cover everything from financial literacy to marketing strategies and equip women with the skills needed to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.

Access to Capital

Capital is the lifeblood of any business, and this initiative allows female entrepreneurs to apply for equipment loans or grants of up to N3 million. If your business needs to upgrade machinery, expand production capacity, or invest in technology, this financial boost can make a world of difference!

Advisory Support Services

Success rarely comes without guidance. The Y’ellopreneur Initiative provides ongoing advisory support to help businesses thrive. Successful female entrepreneurs will receive mentorship during expert consultations and gain access to a network of seasoned professionals who understand the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship.

Business Focus Areas

The initiative targets women entrepreneurs who run existing businesses in specific sectors including:

Circular Economy: Sustainable practices that minimize waste and promote resource efficiency.

Manufacturing and Processing: Textiles and food processing industries that drive economic growth.

Agriculture:  Opportunities in crop cultivation, livestock, and agribusiness that are scalable.

ICT/Digital Services: Technology is transforming businesses; Y’ellopreneurs that want to tap into the digital revolution.

Waste Management: Turning waste into wealth, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Success Stories from Phase One

In the pilot phase of the Y’ellopreneur Initiative (launched in 2022), 4,711 female entrepreneurs received intensive training. They were empowered with newfound knowledge and competed for the chance to secure equipment loans or grants. Over N94 million in equipment loans was disbursed to 50 remarkable women. The exciting part is that upon the full repayment of the loan, these Y’ellopreneurs will receive 25% of the loan value as grants, a testament to the programme’s commitment to long-term sustainability.

Phase Two: A Bright Future Ahead

This is  what is in store as the initiative enters its second phase, 

Entrepreneurial Skills Training: Another 1,000 female entrepreneurs will undergo comprehensive training.

Bankable Business Plans: Participants will develop and present solid business plans.

Equipment Loan Support: Up to N3 million each for 150 deserving women.

Seamless Loan Repayment: Ensuring project sustainability and continued growth.

How to Apply 

If you’re a Nigerian woman passionate about entrepreneurship, the MTN Y’ellopreneur Initiative awaits you. Visit the MTN Nigeria Foundation website to learn more and take the first step toward transforming your business dreams into reality.

Registration closes on the 30th of March!

Remember, behind every successful business is a network of support, resilience, and unwavering determination! The MTN Y’ellopreneur Initiative is here to scale your business, celebrate your achievements, and propel you toward greatness! Hurry now and apply!

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