Commonwealth Youth Awards 2023 for Excellence in Sustainable Development Work

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Application Deadline: 17 October 2022.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT) will again join as a partner for the 2023 Awards to offer a special award prize to an eligible, selected applicant.

The nominations for the 2023 Commonwealth Youth Awards, which recognise exceptional young people from across the Commonwealth Nation, are now open. The awards, held each year in March, celebrate the outstanding contributions young people (aged 15-29) are making towards tackling global issues, improving lives and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The objectives of the Commonwealth Youth Awards are:

  • To highlight the contributions young people are making to development work in the Commonwealth, particularly through the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • to create an environment which will encourage and sustain investments in youth-led development;
  • To illustrate the depth and breadth of talent, commitment and creativity that exists among young people across the Commonwealth; and
  • To motivate, encourage and challenge young people to set high standards for their work/service at community, national, regional or international levels.

Nomination Requirements

  • The nominee must have been engaged in development work for more than 12 months, either in a professional or voluntary capacity;
  • The nominee must be a Commonwealth citizen and the development work must be taking place in a Commonwealth member country;
  • The nominee should not be older than 29 years of age on 31 December 2022; and
  • Individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone who can accurately describe their development work.

To be eligible for the QCT prizes, applicants must also meet the following additional criteria:

  • be aged 18 to 29 years old on 31 December 2022; and
  • be the founder or co-founder of a social enterprise.

Awards will be decided on the basis of:

  1. Level of impact;
  2. Level of innovation/fresh approaches to problem-solving;
  3. Quality of achievement;
  4. Quality of the evidence provided; and
  5. Sustainability.

Awards Process

There will be four finalists for each Commonwealth region with the top entries receiving the Regional Winner Award. The top Regional Winner will receive the Pan-Commonwealth Award and be named the Commonwealth Young Person of the Year 2023.

The 20 Regional Finalists will each receive a £1,000 grant, a trophy and a certificate.

The 5 Regional Winners will receive an additional £2,000 (a total of £3,000) a trophy and a certificate.

The Pan-Commonwealth Winner will receive an additional £2,000 (a total of £5,000) a trophy and a certificate.

The selected winner of the QCT prizes will receive two years of flexible funding at £20,000 a year, as well as coaching opportunities and organisational development support.

Winners will be officially announced during Commonwealth Week in March 2023.

To apply, Click Here

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