About Us

Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation was established in 2010 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization (RC 916541). KIR Foundation has been operating since 2011 as a disability-inclusive organization with the primary purpose of ‘inspiring change through learning‘.

We have identified lifelong learning as a necessity for addressing educational and socio-economic issues. We seek to achieve this by closing educational gaps by donating books and advocating the rights of our underserved and marginalized beneficiaries (vulnerable children, youth, persons with disabilities, prison inmates, women, and our local communities).


We develop their capacities through sustainable programs focused on education, advocacy, capacity and sustainable development to break the cycle of illiteracy, poverty, and inequality and replace them with a new process of empowerment, opportunity, and ethical and transformative leadership.


To create empowering opportunities for everyone we serve by purposefully working with stakeholders to implement sustainable projects focused on education, advocacy and capacity development.




We envision a world where everyone we serve has access to learning that provides empowering opportunities for a bright future that impacts society positively.


  • Faith in God – We believe in God as our ultimate source.
  • Respect for the individual – We believe in the sanctity of human life.
  • Continuous learning – We are a learning organization.
  • Enrichment through partnerships – We collaborate with various stakeholders.
  • Implementing sustainable projects – We believe that our projects must meet real needs and create opportunities.

Our Accomplishments

KIR Foundation has its headquarters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria, a volunteer liaison officer in Lagos, and partnerships with various non-profit organizations and coalitions all over Nigeria. All our projects are strategically aligned to promoting and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 4, 5, 8, 10, and 17.

From 2011 to date, KIR Foundation has worked with over 180 institutions in 36 states and Abuja the capital of Nigeria and Ghana.

So far, we have reached more than 80,044 people with our projects, donated 43,212 books, numerous educational aids, starter kits, and farming implements, and published: The Young Leader’s Guide, a leadership manual for young people, and It’s About Empathy: an Explanatory Guide to the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act 2018.

Currently, we are working with stakeholders in the public, corporate, and social sectors to provide business linkages for youth with and without disabilities and donate books to those who do not have access to books. Thus, by 2025, we would have linked 1,600 youth to employment opportunities and put over 70,000 books in the hands of our underserved beneficiaries.