The Easter Empowerment Project (TEEP)

Over 40% of youth in Nigeria are unemployed. One major factor for the unemployment rate is the lack of employability skills. However, Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation, is bridging this gap.

Last year, TEEP was a two-day training that started on the 8th of April and ended on the 9th of April 2022. We trained 26 in and out-of-school youth on basic Canva Design, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship (How to think like an Entrepreneur).
KIR Foundation encourages and provides the opportunity for young people to acquire market-relevant skills for some of the following reasons;
Thompson, a 16-year-old TEEP trainee registered for TEEP because he wanted to learn Graphic Design using Canva. He said before enrolling for TEEP, he was learning Graphic Design, using Corel Draw. He had difficulties working with and creating designs. He was very frustrated and gave up. However, learning how to create and work with designs using Canva has exposed him to an easier way to become a Graphic Designer. He can now create Logos, Posters, and Flyers, thus, what was arduous with Corel Draw is now easier with Canva
TEEP has taught me to stop limiting myself with templates, but believe I am creative and can make my own original designs. Also, I learnt that I should not wait for the government; instead, I should do what I can to create the world I want.
    – Great, a 16-year-old TEEP Trainee.

Princewill a 19-year-old TEEP Trainee, said he was grateful to the Canva Design facilitator ‘Wisdom Macdonald’ because; he opened his eyes to the truth when he told the trainees:
You can be a designer and create the world you want!

TEEP has changed my perspective and inspired me to be a good leader and teach others. I will teach my peers the new skills I have learnt, while I continue learning.
    – Amos, 17-year-old TEEP Trainee.

Holiday Empowerment Project (HEP)


KIR Foundation organizes the Holiday Empowerment Project (HEP) during the summer vacation in August with the objective of equipping in and out-of-school youth with market-relevant skills. The project outcome promotes the Sustainable Development Goal 4.3; we want to ensure that there is equal access for all women and men to affordable, quality technical, vocational and tertiary education.
Young people in the 21st Century must have digital and soft skills to be workplace ready and earn in the marketplace. Most youth like Victor, our Hearing-impaired beneficiary, in our public schools as they progress through their academic journeys and into the workforce, do not have the opportunity to learn digital, creative and soft skills that will enable them to become stronger visual communicators who harness the spectrum of technical mediums to influence the world around them. These skills empower them to go beyond the written word to create videos, photos, presentations, and infographics that educate, raise awareness, and create deeper connections to critical issues in our world.
Victor, a Hearing Impaired youth and a 100 level, Mechanical Engineering student of Imo State University, was one of the HEP beneficiaries, due to the strike by university lecturers in Nigeria, he was stuck at home. He was really keen on learning new skills, but did not have the opportunity to do so and could not afford it. Also, most training centres or trainings in Rivers State are not disability inclusive. So, when he heard about HEP, he was really excited and grateful to join the training.
This year, we organized two Holiday Empowerment Projects (HEP), that took place in Port Harcourt and Katsina State. In Port Harcourt from the 17th to the 20th of August, we trained 38 youth at the KIR Foundation Inclusive Community Centre. The beneficiaries were trained on Canva Design which was facilitated by Wisdom Macdonald, Digital Marketing by Theodora Isola, Storytelling by Deborah Ikechukwu, Resume writing by Emmanuel Macdonald, Hhow to optimize the use of Telegram and Google by Ejike Williams Onyeke and WhatsApp optimization by David Daniel