“My name is Frederick Igbanibo Amakiri. I am the Principal, Special School for Handicapped Children Senior Secondary Port Harcourt. We indeed thank Keeping It Real Foundation and their partner Small World; who have thought of our children and come to establish an ICT Resource Room for us. The benefits to our students cannot be measured in terms of words.

This will bring our students into computer literacy and greatly enhance their educational pursuits and their social life….” (Watch the complete interview on KIR Foundation’s Youtube Channel – )
The words of gratitude expressed by the principal reflect the heart of the school management and the students. The ICT Resource Room is vital to the academic advancement of the students, taking into consideration the fact that computer based examinations have been introduced. Therefore, without the assistance of organizations like SMALL World, students in public schools especially those with disabilities will be left behind.
Furthermore, KIR Foundation is having discussions with the school management to introduce ICT practical lessons in the school curriculum.

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