TGIIF Youth Hub: Mentorship Friday

TGIIF Youth hub - Mentorship friday

Today’s TGIIF was another refreshing moment. We had what we call a “Mentorship Friday” today, where the dreams and aspirations of TGIIF youths were explored.

Anchor - Mentorship Friday

First of all, we watched a video on how to have good drreams and how to follow them. After the video, the TGIIF youths (participants) gave different ways in which one can put one’s dream to work.

One of the participants, Kevin Diri, said “You have to brainstorm ideas, create a strategic plan and stick with it.”

We watched another video explaining, the five things stopping one from achieving one’s dreams, which includes;

  1. Our Pasts
  2. Limited Beliefs
  3. Other People’s Opinions
  4. Relationships and
  5. Money
The TGIIF youths also added to the list; Regrets (Which seemed like “Pasts”) and Procrastination (The giant killer).

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