GSM and Computer Repairs Training at the Special School for Handicapped Children (S.S.H.C)

Barinaale Yaana Giigii is a 20 year senior secondary student of the Special School for Handicapped Children (S.S.H.C). He is one of the fourteen (14) beneficiaries of the GSM and Computer Repairs Vocational Skill Training organized by KIR Foundation.

In November 2013, KIR Foundation started vocational training for the senior secondary school students of the Special School for Handicapped Children (S.S.H.C). The project was for nine (9) months with thirty-six (36) students as participants.  Consequently, since 2013, KIR Foundation has trained 145 in and out of school youth with disabilities in sixteen (16) different skills; GSM and Computer Repairs, Shoe Making, Ankara Craft, Bead Making, Photography / Videography, et cetera. Currently, the vocational skills training Project, is organized once every term at the special school.
Barinaale is really excited about his newly acquired skill and in his feedback after the training he said, “I have a dream of becoming a computer engineer.  The GSM and Computer Repairs training has given me the opportunity to understand some of the things I will need to know. I am also going to teach others this skill because there are so many of us who are Deaf who need to learn a skill because there are no jobs.”
KIR Foundation Vocational Skills Training Project, reinforces the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by providing support; empowerment, advocacy and social inclusion for persons with disabilities and promote Goals 1, 4, 8 and 10 of the Sustainable Development Goals. The best performing trainee will receive a Starter kit containing the basic equipment necessary to offer GSM and Computer repairs services. Also, the trainee will have an opportunity to intern with the trainer. Michael Lawrence, the GSM and Computer Repairs trainer said that, “the Deaf senior students of the Special School were easy to work with and were very fast and eager learners”.

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