Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation Prison Literacy Project

Prison Literacy Project

According to some studies, proficiency in reading and writing enriches the lives of inmates. It also gives them a greater chance of success on their journey towards rehabilitation.

Several other studies have also shown that rehabilitative measures rather than punishment to address inmates help them to better understand their crimes and prepare them to re-enter society as reformed persons. Luckily for some inmates in the countries, they have so found themselves, in a country like Norway where prisons are designed to limit the feeling of incarceration and instead provoke a feeling of calm and restoration, it was therefore observed that Rehabilitation in Norway’s prisons statistically showed a 20% drop in recidivism after two years and 25% drop in recidivism after five years.

This, indeed is what Reformation can do. The Power of Reformation.

Sadly, in developing countries where such luxuries are pretty absent, the case is a whole lot different. With the very saddening case, critical stakeholders have been and already taking action, ensuring inmates begin to receive absolute reformation which would pave the way for improved positive change.

They are actively working hard to make sure there are no relapses.

This is the change Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation has immersed in. KIR Foundation with the massive work they do as regards literacy for all – recently empowered inmates through their #Prison Literacy Project for #WorldBookandCopyrightDay.

Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation and #YALIRiversStateHub donated hundred and five(105) #books to the #portharcourt Maximum Security Custodial Centre – all for the purpose of promoting access to #education and ensuring no one is left behind in the scheme of quality education.

Credit: Nigeria Network of NGOs

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