In commemoration of Nigeria’s 56th Independence Day, the 1st of October 2016, KIR Foundation youth and beneficiaries collectively spoke about their hopes and dreams concerning Nigeria. Using the hashtag #MakingNigeriaWork, the youth which included Nigerian Youth Corps Members spoke on how they feel about being Nigerians.

“I am Matthew Okechukwu and I am #MakingNigeriaWork. I train young people like me on the need to become entrepreneurs.” (KIR Foundation TGIIF Youth).

“I am Justin Tochukwu and I am #MakingNigeriaWork. I teach students on the importance of education. As Nigerians, we need to be clear on how we contribute to #MakingNigeriaWork.”
(Youth Corps Member Serving in Rivers State). The tweets summarize the stance KIR Foundation beneficiaries have concerning our dear nation and their commitment to making Nigeria work.
Watch the short interview: https://t.co/uPUsOekt6J

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