Ten (10) out of school youth with disabilities were given the opportunity to increase their skill set by participating in the Advanced Shoe Making Training organised by KIR Foundation from the 15th to 26th of February 2016.
Femi Kayode, one of the beneficiaries of the Advanced Shoe Making Vocational Skill Training Project and a 20 year old graduate of the Special School for Handicapped Children (S.S.H.C) said that, “through the training he  had taught how to make and repair shoes”.
KIR Foundation wants to set up an inclusive start-up youth hub by our next financial year ( in September 2016), to provide office space for young entrepreneurs with and without disabilities. Kindly donate to KIR Foundation to enable us establish the Inclusive Start-up Youth Hub. Keeping It Real Foundation Ltd/GTE – 0052683160 GT Bank Account.

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