“If my father has eye problems, does that mean I will also have eye problems?” Kelvin Diri, a TGIIF youth asked this question amongst many other questions during a special session of ‘Thank God It’s Inspiration Friday’. In response to Kelvin Diri’s question, Dr. Ezinne,an optometrist with Opti-Vue Eye Care Limited said, “You need to ask your parents if they have a history of eye defects so visual impairment could be detected for early treatment.” KIR Foundation invited Dr. Okwulehie Ezinne to educate TGIIF youth about blindness prevention and also encourage them to have a voice for blindness prevention practices. Annually, on the Thursday of the second week in October, there is a call for action to focus on blindness and vision impairment. This year, the call to action for World Sight Day was ‘Stronger Together’. The TGIIF youth were encouraged to advocate and

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