Success Stories: NDYEP

David Daniel

 David Daniel enrolled in the training as a school dropout who was a public speaker by day and some security personnel by night. When he heard of the Niger Delta Youth Empowerment Project (NDYEP) Digital and Vocational skills training organized by KIR Foundation in partnership with PIND foundation, he seized the opportunity and enrolled in the training to acquire new skills. During the training, he showed special interest in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship amongst other skills. At the end of the training, David made the bold decision to quit his job as a security personnel and applied for a job in a cold room company. He got the job as the supervisor of the company because of his newly acquired excellent Digital marketing skills; he introduced social media marketing to the business. According to David, this has increased sales in the company. Today, David is so happy that he is doing a job that requires him to think, interact with other people instead of working as security personnel where he was underemployed, David says because he was able to successfully complete the training; now he has the confidence to pursue other dreams!

Bethel Ajah
“I never taught I could get a better job until I finished university” these are the words of Bethel Ajah one of our NDYEP trainees. After finishing secondary school in 2017, Bethel assisted her mother in her petty trading business. Bethel heard about the NDYEP training from a friend and applied. While in the training, she learnt various skills, including Microsoft Office Suite. After the training, Bethel applied for a job as a teacher in a private and she was accepted because of her proficiency in Microsoft office suite. Bethel is so happy that from being a fruit seller, she is currently a school teacher; her story goes to show how projects like the NYEP program if properly implemented can indeed provide employment for the youth in the Niger Delta.
Solomon Tamkanbari
Solomon Tamkanbari is 25 years old and is from Khana L.G.A in Rivers State. He studied Environmental Health Technology at the Rivers State College of Health Science. After graduating from the college, he interned at Cerpmist Environmental Academy. He got tired of his job and desired to start up his own business with the intent of selling popcorn to school students. To advertise and grow his business, he needed experience in digital marketing and entrepreneurship both of which he lacked. He heard about the NDYEP training program, from one of our stakeholder partners, the River State Ministry of Youth Development, and applied. Solomon joined the November batch of the training, and was taught various skills including Digital Marketing and Social and Entrepreneurship. After the training, armed with his new skills; Solomon partnered with a friend to startup a Business Centre for phone repairs called DIGITECH MAX SOLUTION located at 30 Nsukka Street Mile 1, Diobu, Port-Harcourt. Thanks to the NDYEP project and with persistence and commitment to learn Solomon Tamkanbari is presently a business owner.

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