Investing in Today’s Leaders!!

It is often said that “The youth are the Leaders of tomorrow”, but with the recent spike in cultism, militancy, fraud, and get rich quick

The Journey so far: Last Week, Today

At KIR Foundation, we had several activities going on that educate the minds of the young people that visit our Resource and Rehabilitation center. These activities

TGIIF Youth Hub: Mentorship Friday

Today’s TGIIF was another refreshing moment. We had what we call a “Mentorship Friday” today, where the dreams and aspirations of TGIIF youths were explored.

KIR Foundation NDYEP graduation

PIND Foundation with support from Ford Foundation initiated the Niger Delta Youth EmploymentPathway programme. KIR Foundation as one of the 15 implementers of the programme,

See me not my disability

Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) constitute the highest minority group in the world, in Nigeria; they are over 28 million PWDs. The exclusion of disability issues