Discovering Strengths: A Journey with KIR Foundation’s CGC Workshops

Career Guidance and Counselling by KIR Foundation

“Today, I have learnt that to achieve my career goals I need to work hard and be dedicated, no matter the challenges that I face!”

Ifeoma Nnadozie
Senior Secondary School Two Student,
Holy Rosary Secondary School

Our Career Guidance and Counseling (CGC) Workshops take place in underserved public/community secondary schools. We commenced this project in 2014 because public school students lack access to Career Guidance and Counsellors. Thus, there is no culture of visiting a career counsellor and an absence of awareness and information about the various career options available to students. Recent surveys say that 93 per cent of students had never attended a career workshop and were aware of less than ten career options, mainly the basic ones like Engineering, Medicine, Law, Finance, IT, etc. In contrast, there are more than 600 career options available today. Therefore, the awareness level of all the available career options for students needs to be increased.

The above reasons are why we organize the CGC workshops and connect students like Ifeoma and Miracle to our faculty of seasoned facilitators/mentors like James Banks and Sonia Okiti (Law and Arts), Chisom Sam-Orji (Management Sciences and Entrepreneurship), Atat Charles (Social Media), Ejike Williams Onyeke (Digital Marketing), Dr Adaeze Ugwumba (Medical Sciences) and Ikechukwu Anaba (Engineering and Computer Science). The facilitators shared their life stories, gave the students clarity on the requirements they need to follow a specific career path, and opened their eyes to a world of opportunities and possibilities that exist in the workplace and how they can access them.

On the 18th of May 2023, the KIR Foundation team and some of our seasoned facilitators hosted our 25th CGC in Holy Rosary College, and 63 Senior Secondary School Students (SSS1 and 2) were in attendance. During, his session, Ikechukwu Anaba; the facilitator for Engineering and ICT spoke about the importance of sacrifice and association. He encouraged the students to set up study groups so that they could learn from their peers and strengthen one another academically. He shared a personal story about how he sacrificed his lunch break and money to a classmate in primary school in exchange for extra lessons after class so he could learn from him. Moreover, he appealed to the students to remain committed to their decisions regarding their career paths, regardless of what others may think and not be influenced to change their route to destiny. Ifeoma an SSS2 student found the workshop quite insightful and educative. She said she learnt that she could achieve anything she wanted to if she stayed focused, worked hard and was committed no matter the challenges.

On the 16th of June 2023, the KIR Foundation team and our faculty of 5 seasoned facilitators hosted our 26th CGC in Community Secondary School Nkpolu and 145 Senior Secondary School Students (SSS 1 and 2) participated in the workshop. Miracle Nelson, a Senior Secondary School 2 Science Student said in the course of the Medical Sciences Session she learnt that there are many areas of specialization in Medical Sciences, and she would love to study Anatomy or Physiology.

The facilitator for Entrepreneurship, Chisom Sam-Orji during his session mentioned that Entrepreneurship is all about creating solutions to problems and that Entrepreneurs see opportunities in problems. He told them how Aliko Dangote became the wealthiest man in Africa by solving everyday problems. He urged the students not to focus on making money but on creating value. Furthermore, the Facilitator for Social Media; Atat Charles explained that social media can be used both positively and negatively. He cautioned the students to be careful about disclosing their information online and safeguarding themselves on the internet. Also, he advised them to refrain from using the Internet for illegal business.

We are very grateful to all volunteer facilitators and donors who enable us to support students like Ifeoma and Miracle to have access to the relevant information and mentorship they need to pursue their career aspirations.

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