Odinaka King; King Of Resilience!


Odinaka King is a KIR Foundation 2018 NDYEP Phase 1 Trainee. He was among the best ten trainees in the phone and computer repairs and maintenance training. After the training, he was given a tool kit and a laptop to start his small repair and maintenance business in 2018.

Despite all the challenges he has encountered in running his business, he never imagined that a global pandemic like COVID-19, would force him to stay at home without earning an income, but Odinaka was able to fall back on his savings from the business last year. Although many businesses have been forced to fold up, Odininaka has been resilient, showing up for work, attending to his customers and making enough to get by. Odininaka has not allowed his disability, environmental or a global pandemic like COVID-19 hold him back. KIR Foundation is truly inspired by this King of Resilience!

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