The Journey so far: Last Week, Today

At KIR Foundation, we had several activities going on that educate the minds of the young people that visit our Resource and Rehabilitation center. These activities are aimed at increasing the learnability curve in our society and prepare young people to take advantage of the available opportunities in the society. These activities include:

During the Easter Empowerment Program, the trainees were taught Basic Sign Language, ICT (Microsoft office suite and Basic Coding) and how to make organic skin care product. They were also introduced to shoemaking.

Shoe making class

The KIR Foundation community library contains resourceful books for Children, Teenagers, and Adults. The library is open to the public and free for use from Monday to Friday by 10am. We also give our beneficiaries preparing to take the computer-based JAMB exams the opportunity to practice using our computers for free. Also, every Friday by 2:30pm – 3:30pm the center hosts a youth hub called Thank God Its Inspirational Friday (TGIIF) which offers mentorship and self-development opportunities with a blend of extracurricular activities to young people.


We do not only engage our beneficiaries with books, but we develop their learning and critical thinking skills through intellectual games such as Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble and Game of Life. Aside from Games Club we also have a “Coding Club” where teenagers are taught basic coding for app develpment, webiste design and game develpment.

Coding club

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