The Young Leader’s Guide

The Young Leader’s Guide is a leadership manual for secondary school students published by KIR Foundation in 2015. It is also an educational tool used by KIR Foundation for its Inclusive Young Leadership Academy (YLA). The Inclusive Young Leadership Academy is a One-day Workshop for newly elected leaders in Secondary Schools. The aim of the Inclusive Young Leadership Academy is to provide tools for the prefects to become mentors and peer educators in their respective schools and to advocate and create awareness about inclusive education.

The Young Leaders Guide is a leadership tool that helps young leaders to harness their leadership skills, thereby enabling them to become reliable leaders and citizens. The first edition of the Inclusive Young Leadership Academy was in 2014. Since 2014, a total of three hundred and seventy-six (376) young leaders have attended the KIR Foundation Inclusive Young Leadership Academy (YLA) and distributed over one thousand, three hundred (1,300) copies of the leadership manual to young people in Rivers State, Lagos State and Ghana.
The Young Leader’s Guide is currently being used by some secondary schools in Nigeria as a text for Leadership Education which is under Religion and National values, a subject approved by the Federal Ministry of Education.

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